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We are proud to announce a special promotion! From model year 2005 to 2018, Polestar Performance Optimization on All-Wheel Drive vehicles is now available. Polestar is a super efficient tuning software that optimizes the output of Volvo's T5 and T6 engines. Polestar provides the kind of enhanced performance that kicks in when it's needed most. Polestar will not impact the fuel economy, emissions or Volvo's factory warranty when installed at an authorized Volvo retailer. 

Whether you want to unleash your Volvo and tap into more power for the track, or you just want to pass Orange County traffic- a Polestar tune is what you need.

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Polestar Performance, Volvo Warranty

Polestar tuning not only carries the benefits of the increased performance, but has been tested, certified, and approved by Volvo. This means that when you have your performance optimization installed you will not impact the current fuel economy ratings or void the original Volvo Warranty. That means you get all the performance benefits without the worry of costly repairs.

Volvo Mission Viejo's certified team is ready to turn your Volvo from cool to over the top. While you are waiting for our team to turn your daily driver into a street eating machine you may want to take the time to check out our Polestar Edition S60's and V60's. As the Authorized Volvo Polestar Dealer you can be assured we will perform all of the performance upgrades your nerves can handle.

If you are still on the fence about the Polestar tune, please stop in today and try out our Polestar Tuned XC60 that we have available for test drives!

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