Volvo Overseas Delivery Program

Volvo Overseas Delivery Program

Purchase any new Volvo within the Volvo Overseas Delivery Program and not only will you receive one of the most advanced vehicles on the planet, but a trip you won't soon forget.

Here is what is included - two round-trip tickets to Scandinavia, first-class hotel in Gothenburg, Sweden, custom order your Volvo to your specifications, home shipment right to Volvo Mission Viejo where you can pick up your new Volvo when you get back.

The Ultimate Extra

In addition to being able to custom order the Volvo of your dreams and a free trip for two to Sweden to pick up your car at the factory, we have created several winter travel packages for you to choose from. For a limited time Volvo is offering a $500 travel bonus discount on any winter travel packages to Paris, London, Rome, or any one of our Scandinavian Adventures. 

Now is the time to take advantage of these terrific savings, and return home with the ultimate souvenir, your new Volvo. For more information or to get more information on this amazing opportunity use the form to contact our sales experts and they can walk you through the process.


How does it work?

Step 1 -
    Order the Volvo of your dreams from Volvo Cars Mission Viejo

Step 2 -
    Pick up your new Volvo at the Gothenburg Factory Delivery Center in Sweden or any official delivery location in Europe.

Step 3 -
    Test-drive your Volvo on the roads of Sweden. Choose one of Volvo's specially curated tours or take your vacation by the horns and make it your own, anywhere in Europe.

Step 4 -
    Drop off your new Volvo back in Gothenburg or any official drop-off location in Europe. Then sit back and relax, Volvo will take care of all of the paperwork, including import duties and excise taxes, before shipping your new Volvo to Volvo Mission Viejo.

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