Some people are intimidated by leasing or they simply don't know much about it. We are here to help explain the important benefits of leasing your next Volvo. 

1. You'll never get bored
New cars are coming out every year with more options, better fuel efficiency, more stylish looks and newer technology. You don't want to miss out on all that, do you? Leasing is a great way  to always have the keys to a newer car in your possession, and you'll never fall out of love with your new ride. 

2. Usually costs less than financing 
The biggest advantage to leasing is that monthly payments will usually cost less compared to financing the same vehicle. Of course, that's because someone financing the car is paying for the whole car, while leasing only pays for the cost of the depreciation of the car during the time you have it. 

3. No long-term reliability doubts 
Worrying about long-term reliability is something that car buyers deal with. Leasing a car means you don't have to worry about whether the car will age gracefully. Rust, interior wear and tear, and long-term worries aren't a problem in a leased car since they happen much later in the car's life. 

4. Control of cost
With leasing, you are able to control the cost of your usage based on time and distance. By leasing, you can get in and out of a car limited to how much you use it. Those that put high mileage on a car should lease as the user can exact the cost of usage. 

5. Volvo lease includes GAP insurance 
GAP protects you from paying some extra charges if your vehicle gets in an accident. For example if you crash your car and you owe a certain amount of it that is higher than what your finance department is giving you. GAP will pay that difference in price.*

6. Leasing helps eliminate some risks
If your vehicle is involved in an accident you get diminished value, this will show up on the carfax of the vehicle. You are protected if you lease, the leasing company carries the burden.

7. You can buy it after
When your lease is done, you have the option of buying the car you just leased. Leasing can act like a long-term test drive before you buy. 

8. Few upfront costs
Leasing allows you to get into a car with very few "upfront" costs. You often don't need a down payment (or if you do it's fairly low), and your sales tax is going to be lower since you only pay tax on the value of the car you actually used. 

9. You are only paying for the depreciation
Basically, how a lease works is your payment is calculated based on the difference between sale price and the residual value. You are paying for what you use not the entire vehicle. 

10. Never worry about selling or trading your car in. 
At the end of the lease cycle, you simply turn the vehicle in. The dealer will take a report of its condition and as long as there is no damage or excessive wear and tear or mileage, you are done with it. 

So there you have it! Leasing is a great way to buy a car and more and more of our customers are realizing that. After reading this, we hope you walk away with a more knowledgable opinion about the benefits of leasing. 

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*GAP waives the difference between your primary insurance settlement and the outstanding balance on your vehicle's financing, subject to terms and conditions of the program.